We had to stop a foreclosure sale….

I was recently retained to cancel an upcoming foreclosure sale on a 2016 Suffolk County case. The Judge signed our Emergency Motion (which canceled the sale) and we consented to adjourning the return date to next month. My hope is that my clients’ default is vacated and that they qualify for a loss mitigation plan to save their home.

The reason why this matter got all the way up to sale is because my clients retained several fake “law firms” and “legal groups” (that I’ve previously warned against) throughout the course of the action. Unbeknownst to my clients, though they spent thousands of dollars for “legal representation,” no law firm or attorney ever appeared on my clients’ behalf. No affirmative defenses were interposed, and the bank’s motions were all granted on default.

As I previously posted, these self-proclaimed legal groups are not admitted attorneys and cannot represent parties in a legal action. Some of these groups go as far as having “law firm” misrepresented on its letterhead. Please remember that you can always confirm an attorney’s good standing at http://iapps.courts.state.ny.us/attorney/AttorneySearch.

I always hear people saying that they are “too smart” to fall for such bogus foreclosure notices, but then later receive frantic phone calls from the same people asking “why a foreclosure sale is scheduled next week” – please be aware! If you ever have any questions about a status of an action or property, you can always contact me directly for information.