Your House is Up for Sale! (Scam Example)

Beware of scammers! I explained in an earlier post that foreclosure actions are public record and that you’re going to receive massive amounts of mail after the action is commenced.

Here’s one that a client of mine received today from a company called “EQUAL HOUSING OPPORTUNITY.” The letter contains information regarding my client’s property and states that “a foreclosure sale date has been recorded and scheduled for 4/22/2019.” Impossible. There’s no active action against my client. 

After I told my client that the letter was 100% bullshit, I gave “EQUAL HOUSING OPPORTUNITY” a phone call to inquire about their misrepresentations. I didn’t get very far as I was hung up on 30 seconds into the call and now blocked from making any future calls — how unfortunate. 

Please remember that you can always check the status of an action through websites like Ecourts and Elaw